WHICH VOICE DO YOU LISTEN TO? (The Voice of the World System) Part II

16 For forty days, every morning and evening, the Philistine champion strutted in front of the Israelite army.

 21 Soon the Israelite and Philistine forces stood facing each other, army against army. 

24 As soon as the Israelite army saw him, they began to run away in fright. 25 “Have you seen the giant?” the men asked. “He comes out each day to defy Israel.”

Introduction from Part I

I want to do a series on “Which voice do you listen to?  As I was studying this passage of scripture, God gave me revelation into what was going on behind this passage spiritually.  What I am trying to say is that in our lives we have voices and messages bombarding us on a regular basis, we then have to choose our responses and reactions to these voices.

After rereading what I wrote in this article, a want to say I sound like a 1950’s preacher, preaching that the devil is in everything.  This is not my intent in this article.  My intent is to show you, how the devil uses everything possible to get us sidetracked away from the ways of God.  Remember Jesus told us the road to salvation is narrow (one way and one lane) but the road to destruction is an 8 lane highway.  Satan can and will use anything and everything to keep you off the one road that can save you, and that is Jesus.  He even uses religion of all things to help people go to hell.  

VOICE NUMBER TWO: Philistines (The World System)

Your first thought might be, the Philistines never said anything!  Goliath did all the talking.  You are correct, and in this world system Satan does all the talking, but who has his back?  Can you imagine what would have happened if Goliath came out all alone, no army with him?  If he just stood alone in that valley?  The Army of Israel would have swooped down and killed him in an instant.  With those odds it would of been no contest, no matter how big Goliath was.  He would have had no chance of winning, but Goliath was not alone.  He had his own army, his back up force to match those of Israel.

So it is with Satan.  He is the mastermind and mouth of this world system.  The prince of this world.  His back up is a “World System” that swings his sword of lies, fears, and deception.  Just look at today’s world and how everything that temps us has a face or a picture attached to it?  Temptation has no power without an image!  Go to the garden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the Bible says it was pleasing to the eye.  It was the bait and power behind Lucifer’s words to Adam and Eve.  To this day nothing has changed. (Genesis 3:6)

What is the World System?

Satan uses this world to convince us that his lies, fears and deceptions are the truth.  The world system is speaking to us everywhere?  It is on the news and newspapers, it is on the television commercials, it is on the radio, in our music and in our magazines with it’s stories and fake pictures of what we should look like.  Satan uses it all to convince us that he is the truth and God is a lie and a fairy tale.  These things we see and hear, they are the deception, to cover-up the lie.

News and Newspapers

When is the last time you turned on the news and it was all positive and hope filled?  My guess is, never except for a  human interest story or a story of a hero.  Satan loves to spread his lies of fear in our news system.  Just like Goliath, spouting off his loaded threats to the Army of Israel that left them shaking in their boots.  News anchors come on the TV and radio and newspaper with their gloom and doom reports.  Here is an example I love.  How many of the pandemics that the news constantly reported on ever came to fruition?  How many new flu strains were supposed to come and kill thousands of people here in the United States every flu season?

We see this time in and time out,  we hear the end is near but nothing happens.  Everyday we hear the hype and sensationalism of the news anchors.  They fill us with fear of the upcoming wars, the financial disaster that is going to happen or like I said, the new virus that will kill hundreds of thousands throughout the world.  Do you remember the January 1 2000 Y2K?  The computers were going to malfunction and all of civilized world was going to shut down and be paralyzed.  Everyone was convinced.  We have seen the same with “bird flu”, the “swine flu” and then they give it a crazy name “H1N1.”,  just to put icing on the cake to freak us all out.  But in the end those strains killed no more than the average flu did that year or even less.

But nevertheless, how many people were living their lives under the constant strain of fear and stress of this upcoming disaster in our towns and schools?  It is a never ending fear that comes across from those talking heads on TV, of the voices on the radio and those who are writing in the newspapers.  I personally avoid listening to the news.  I will only read headlines and short paragraphs of current events, and when I do, I keep in mind that what they are saying is designed to take me out of faith and put me in a state of fear and anxiety.  Think of how many people we know that are in a constant state of anxiety and stress?  The pharmaceutical companies are making millions if not billions a year just off anxiety and stress medication.  It all comes from the voice of the enemy who is forever putting so many in a state of constant fear and anxiety.

Madison Avenue 

If you are not aware of this term, it used to be the street in New York City where the huge global advertisement companies were located.  The expression is that these were the people who were behind all your great advertisements.  Their job was to get you to purchase whatever their clients was selling.

Today it’s worse then ever, “Materialism” the great idea, “the more you make, the more you have and the more you want to buy that which will fulfill your happiness.”  The United States is the hot bed for this idea.  Look how much we are paying for new large homes with smaller families.  The price range that people will pay for what they think is their “American dream” and happiness.  So many today are paying over $500,000 for a modern home.  Think of that?  A half of a million dollars for a house!   When I was growing up, that was a mansion in Beverly Hills.  But today, people are buying the lie and purchasing these homes and will probably never get out of debt.  They have become slaves to their homes and to the mortgage companies.

Then there are the new cars we must have and again the world is selling us the lie.  So many people are purchasing $30,000 to $50,0000 cars.  These are not sport cars or super luxury cars but average cars and pickup trucks!  My one friend said on top of his huge mortgage, he is paying for an additional $550 car loan and he owns two cars.  These cars are only good for 5-8 years before we want another one.  When I was growing up and not long ago these were prices for homes not cars.  But the world says we need all this and we believe it.

Once again Madison Avenue does what the news people do, they use fear.  They tell us how we need these new gadgets and airbags to save us from terrible crashes.  Then we pay so much for these things and it makes us once again slave to a debt and a dream of a happiness that is not found in these things.

Why does Satan use these things?  It is very simple, how many of us are working two or three jobs between the mother and father just to make ends meet?  Just to pay for the mortgage, the car payments and credit cards we rack up every month?

It takes us away from the two most important things God gave us; a relationship with him and with our family and friends.  We are all so busy trying to make ends meet we have no time or quality time for what is most important in this life!  How many children like myself, are growing up alone?  I had a family but both my mom and dad were always gone working just to supply us with a life.  Today it is not just to make it, but it is because we buy into the greed and lust of materialism.  The worst part I see is that even most Christians have bought into this lie!

Music and Television Shows

Not only do we have the news and newspapers and internet.  We have radio full of music that we sing along with and rap to the very words of Satan himself.  The lies in the music and television that we listen to is at a alarming rate.  We have rock music with its message of  drugs, sex and hatred.  We have rap music full of anger, call to violence and murder with its entitlement mentality behind it.  I was listening to a Disney CD with my young girls and the message that was coming from this, to these 8 and 13 year old little girls was partying, self glorification and you know it, sex.  Walt Disney music teaching young teens the idea of sex, partying and self worship!

We then turn on TV and watch the new reality shows.  It is full of over dramatic sensationalism.  The people who watch this, especially young adults, believe this is real life and that this is the way we should act and treat each other.  Movies and DVD’s have not changed over the years.  They are still full of action violence, horror slasher movies and movies that promote open sex and whatever the liberal Hollywood agenda is at the moment.

Education System

The modern day school system and college campus is a hot bed of unbelief and hostile opposition towards God and Christianity.  Modern  schools promote atheism, secularism and open sexuality.  A teacher can teach our children anything and everything except for Jesus, God and Christianity!  College professors make it a common practice to intimidate Christian believers with their high intellectual ideas, humanism and secularism.  It alarming how many Christian young people come out of great Christian homes only to go to college and come out either as atheists or find themselves no longer following Jesus Christ because of the anti-Christian agenda in most colleges.

The Christian religion

OH YES!  Satan’s most sneakiest perversion is in the church!  Today modern Christian Churches are a favorite place of Satan.  How many so called Christians and preachers do not believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the virgin birth and all the basic tenements of the faith?  How many churches and denominations teach Salvation of Grace and Faith alone?  So many now teach that you only need to be a member, join our denomination and or  just get baptized and you are a Christian.  How many are deceived  and  buy into believing in works for salvation?  Some teach that Sacraments alone will get you to heaven? 

Satan has perverted the Gospel message so much that most average Americans, because they are Americans, believe they are Christians just because they were born in the United States?  The list can go on and on.   In the average church today, millions are faithfully going to church and at the same time are on the road to hell!  How many blind pastors are leading blind congregations just because they are following the traditions of their denominations and not are following the ways of Jesus in the Gospel.  Jesus said we must be born-again not of flesh but of Spirit.  So many today have left this teaching due to the lies and deception of Satan.  How many modern Churches are teaching that there is no Hell and that a loving God will never send anyone there?

Just because you go to church and have been baptized, and just because you may have received sacraments or you are living a “good life” and helping others and finally giving to your church is not a guarantee you are going to heaven!!!  The only way to heaven is putting your faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  When Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He paid fully for us.   Salvation into heaven and a relationship with God, is only a gift that can be received. (Ephesians 2;8-9)   It not a work of good deeds and or of a religious activity.  It is not from any kind of self rightousness you may have earned or received through merits from a Saint of old.

Ephesians 2,8-9: For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of Godnot of works, lest anyone should boast. 
Galatians 2:21: I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died in vain.”
Romans 4:5; [ David Celebrates the Same Truth ] But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness,
Next week I will be doing Part III, The Unbelieving voices.
Written by Dennis Stauffer
Edited by Gary Green (Omega House)
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