Do I Walk as Judas Did? A Scary Question To Consider! Today’s DSI’s Devotional

DSI Devotions: I not only love to share what God gives me revelation on but I also love to share from devotionals, I read, while doing my own quiet time with the Lord. There is so much wealth of revelation from those who walked this path before us. I hope you enjoy this and others from the 1800’s. Such as Moody, Spurgeon, Bowen etc.

Do I Walk as Judas Did?  A Scary Question To Consider!

Judas Iscariot . . . was a thief, and had the bag, and bore what was put therein. John 7: 4, 6.

Freely ye have received, freely give. Matt.10:8. Ah, but if we should go thoroughly into this matter, should we not probably find that many of us are guilty, in some modified and yet sufficiently alarming sense, of treachery to the poor? Are we not, some of us, sent to them with benefactions which never reach them, and are only unconscious of guilt because so long accustomed to look upon the goods as bestowed on us, whereas the light of God’s word would plainly reveal upon those goods the names of the poor and needy?—George Bowen.

A question to consider;  As I walk with Jesus, the same as Judas.  Am I keeping the money that God has entrusted me to help other with?  Am I only thinking of what new toy I can get when I receive more money?

What do we say to the Lord, when we stand before him and give an account for what we did with our salvation (not our sins, they were paid for!)   Then, He asked this question or makes this comment; “Do you know, you spent more on your pets (toys, vacations, concerts, eating out., etc)  then you did spreading the Gospel to the poor?  What will you say?

Devotional by George Bowen

Commentary by Dennis Stauffer