Building Project


The History

Early in the year 2013, we really boosted our ministry in the neighborhood of Villa Hermosa. Up to now we have concentrated our work on the neighborhood of Vista Hermosa and Royal. We began serving  lunches on Tuesday and Thursday in the barrio (neighborhood). The people in Villa Hermosa are dealing with extreme poverty and we were asked to help.

We also adopted an elderly couple named Julia and Manuel (now deceased). We purchase groceries for them every week and help them take care of their basic needs. The churches and the barrio tried to aid them but they could not because of a lack of resources.

One day, Maria Luisa and I were delivering food to Manuel and Julia. Maria engaged in a lengthy conversation with one of the women in Villa Hermosa. As we rode back I asked her what the conversation was about and she told me Theresa was offering her some land to purchase. I immediately was “NO!”

Since I moved to Guatemala, I am constantly asked if I want to purchase some land or other things. I always say I am not interested.

This time the Holy Spirit interrupted me and said he wanted me to go look at the land. So I looked at my wife and told her that God wanted us to look at this property. To say the least Maria almost fell off the motorcycle in absolute unbelief that I said “Let’s look at the property.”

My Vision

When I got to the property, the Lord said this was my land and gave me a vision of how it would look when He was done here. I immediately told my wife, the Lord wants us to have this land and to tell Theresa I will purchase it.


Our Home and Hands in Action. 2016

The Lord show me I will have a house for my family here. There will be a second large building with a large cafeteria style room so we can hold church services, bible studies and feed the children. I saw a second floor in this building with two dormitories (one for the men and one for the women), so we can host missionary trips to Guatemala.

I also saw a large kitchen for the women to cook the ministry meals for the kids. Also for the children I envision class rooms for bible studies and a playground outside for the children to play in safety from the violence that so often happens in Guatemala.

It did not take long for the devil to work doubts into my mind. Was I really making the right decision? Where in the world where we able to get the money to pay for the land and start a major construction program? I’m not sure I remember all the details but it was not soon after this that I received two nice size donations which enabled me to buy the land. It was paid for within two weeks from my decision to move forward and trust God.

The Future

As you can see by the photo God has started the first part of the vision.  We have built our home and the headquarters of Hands in Action, but we still have much more to do to complete the first phase of construction.

With the home we still need to paint and place ceramic floors in. There also is the need of building a septic system and a wall around the perimeter of the land for added security.  When this is done we will have completed phase I.

Phase II

In phase II of this project we will need to build one of the neighboring properties to build the activities center. As I said earlier the activities center will be like our first project in Vista Hermosa.

The first Hands in Action in Vista Hermosa.

The first Hands in Action in Vista Hermosa.

The only difference is this will be a two-story multi-functional building.  The first floor will be a large cafeteria style room with a kitchen to hold our lunch and grocery programs.  It will also double for our church and class rooms to teach the women. I also envision other missionary groups coming to hold medical and dental clinics for the people of San Benito.

The second floor will hold two dormitories style rooms. One for male missionary groups and the other for women with each having bathroom and showers.  I envision groups from Bible Colleges and other organizations to come and hold missionary trips.

The outside will also have a basketball/soccer court for the children to come and play in safety with no fear of drug dealers or violence. Both properties will be secured by a wall for the protections of all who come here.

What Can You Do?

We need partners and donations to complete Phase I and to start Phase II.  Like I said earlier, we need to finish painting and laying ceramic floors in the home. Then we need to build the septic system and wall around the property. I believe to complete the first phase, we will need to raise $7000 to complete this project.

Please partner or donate today. 

Phase II will not begin until I completely finish phase I. We will need to buy the land and then find a contractor to give us prices to build the two-story building. Then we will need to build the play ground, septic system and wall for this land also. Keep this in prayer as we move forward to complete phase I.


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