Hands in Action


kidsfeedingEvery month we serve nearly 500 plates of food through our Hands in Action program. On Tuesday and Thursday we serve a rice blend that is high in protein and supplements that is designed to combat malnutrition in third world countries. Right now there are 30 children that receive this meal twice a week. 

Every Saturday morning my wife, Maria Luisa, spends all morning cooking a full meal at our home for our main feeding program. There are 60 children that participate in this meal and bible study. There are eight different menus that we serve so every week we can treat these families to a new home cooked meal.

Our Saturday program is a highlight in the communities. All week long the children look forward to coming to our house on Saturday. They are a bundle of fun and life running around and playing.



Our Saturday program serves families from three different communities, Vista Hermosa, Royale, and Villa Hermosa. Each week the families from all  three communities come to our house to attend a bible study and receive groceries.


The Saturday grocery program serves those in dire poverty that would have a hard time surviving without help. We visit these families on a routine basis to check up on their welfare. Its at these visits that my wife and I can minister to the individual needs of the families.

The bible study is a 48 lesson study that gives these women a solid foundation on which to stand. The women desire greatly to read the bible for themselves, unfortunately most are illiterate.

At DSI we believe in ministering to people spirit, soul, and body. We know that we can’t take care of everyone, but we constantly minister the love of God to the people of the communities we serve. Our heart is that they would come to know that God is for them, that He wants to show them His love in their everyday lives.


Julia and Manuel

JuliaManuelUnfortunately in Guatemala, the poverty is so bad that when elderly people are no longer able to contribute to the family they are often kicked out of the house and forced to live in the streets. This is what happened to Julia and Manuel.

Both in there 70s, neither are able to work. Manuel is nearly crippled by arthritis and can barely move his hands or arms. Julia is nearly blind.

To make things worse, when Julia went to a family member for help she was attacked with a pen and her left eye was poked out. Left with little hope, squatting in the streets, and starving, the community of Villa Hermosa decided to step in.

They pooled their resources to take care of Julia and Manuel, but the poverty in Villa Hermosa is so bad that they were still unable to meet their needs.  It was at this point that the community came to us for help.

JuliaManuelhouseWhen Maria Luisa and I went to visit Julia and Manuel we walked up to their shanty, and before ever meeting them God put it on our heart to take care of them. In January 2013 DSI Ministry adopted Julia and Manuel and have been providing groceries and other basic needs every week since.