Do you feel like you’re wasting your Christian life sitting on the bench?

Do YOU want to get in the GAME and make the DIFFERENCE to hurting people and families around the world for Jesus Christ? 

 Here is what our Partners have done in the past 8 years: 

  • We have spread the gospel throughout the world via the internet, in three years, 6000 people have read and have been touched with our blogs and teaching, that spreads the love of Jesus. This includes countries such as Iran, Iraq and most countries in the 10-40 window!
  • In 2009, DSI entered the neighborhood of Vista Hermosa in Guatemala, a neighborhood so violent that the police would not enter in after dark. We began helping the mothers and children of the community and today the police moved in, people no longer live in fear and now are able to walk the streets at night and go to church.
  • For over 6 years, Hands in Action has blessed the poor mothers and children of Guatemala, with over 600 plates of hot lunches a month. 35 bags of groceries a month to the single moms to help them and show the love of Jesus.
  • Each week the women have attended Bible studies on Saturday and heard the Gospel taught.
  • One year when heavy rains hit Guatemala. a poor village was flooded, because of the generosity of YOU! our Partners, we were able to take in groceries and help that village get back on their feet.
  • 4 years ago, when a hospital sent a 14-year-old boy home to die because of a brain tumor, his family did not have money for the surgery.  Our partners came together and supplied that family with money for the surgery and the medicine afterward. That boy is a young man and alive today because of our generous partners made it happen.
  • When Manuel and Julia, a disabled and blind elderly couple had nowhere to turn, no food to live on or ways to make a living. Our partners came along them and made sure they had groceries every week for years until Manuel passed on and after he received salvation in our bible studies.
  • Because of our faithful partners, we were able to build Casa Hands in Action in a new neighborhood, for a new community transformation in Villa Hermosa and we will continue to bless the neighborhoods and families in Northern Guatemala.

This is what our Partners can do, would you like to be one of them?

or at DSI Ministries, 612 W Brookside St. Colorado Springs, CO 80905  


           Hand in Action Family 2015

   DSI aided in flood relief to villages 2011

Christmas gifts to Children who did not celebrate Christmas due to poverty.

       A typical home in Villa Hermosa

Manuel and Julia,  An Elderly couple we helped for years until he passed.

              Visiting Orphans in Honduras

The Saturday Lunch Line in Villa Hermosa

             Tuesday’s Rice Program

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  1. Stephanie Johnson

    Dennis, you came across my heart tonight and I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing for the Kingdom of God…He is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which you have shown towards His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister…Thank you again, you are truly a blessing

  2. Sean

    This is an awesome man of God. I went to Bible college with him and he’s really out there. What some of us talk about he is really doing. This is good soil.


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