The Lord Said; Sit Down, I Will Get Your Keys?

If there is anything I love to do, it is to start a person on a spiritual journey!  On June 10, 1985, after a long time as an addict, I met the Lord personally and He spoke to me.  While speaking to me, He also relieved me of my alcoholism and addictions.  I have now listened to His still small voice and His instructional Word for over 32 years.

My sole purpose is to show people that God is not off somewhere in the cosmos but He can be as near as our own hearts.  I would like to share that you too can have a personal one on one encounter and relationship with God.  God is simply waiting for you and I to come and meet Him.  So as I love to say, God cannot be proven, He can only be experienced in a one on one relationship.  Enjoy this testimony!

On July 3, 2017, I woke up and discovered I had lost my keys, keys to the house, trailer, and truck.  I knew the keys had to be here because my truck was here and I drove it home the night before.  This was not a good way to start my Monday morning!  I looked everywhere!  I overturned everything including my bed and I searched everywhere, finally getting to the point of total frustration.  I spent 2 hours going through everything!  Finally, I turned to God.  Why did I wait so long?

If you know anything about me, I cherish my Morning quiet time with God.  I get my coffee, my devotionals, and Bible and I spend my first part of every day with the Lord.  I have done this for 3o years.  I love making the Lord the first part of my day.

In the midst of my searching frustration, while I really wanted to spend the morning with the Lord, I heard His voice saying:

Matthew 6:33: But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 

I thought to myself, “what does that mean?”  The Lord spoke again and said “sit down, do your prayer time and relax, I will bring your keys to you.  Seek me first!”  

I went and got my coffee, sat down and then forced myself not to worry or doubt.  I knew that the Lord could bring my keys to me.  So I spent a half hour doing my quiet time and then went into the house and started working for the ministry.  I was still wondering in the back of my mind, how was the Lord going t o bring my keys?  Then Mark, one of the guys I live with, came in with my keys.  He said; “someone put your keys in my car by accident.”

The Lord lived up to His promise and had my keys brought to me, just like He said He would.

He is good and faithful!

Written by Dennis Stauffer

Edited by Gary Green (Omega House)

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