The Devil Is Attacking At The Door!

2 Samuel 5:17  “When  the Philistines (the enemy) heard that David had been anointed king over Israel, they went up in full force to search for him” 

The moment we receive anything from the Lord worth fighting for, the Devil comes seeking to destroy us. When the enemy confronts us at the threshold of any work for God, we should accept it as evidence of our salvation, and claim double the blessing, victory, and power. Power is developed through resistance. (from Steams in the Desert)

This week was a tense week at DSI Ministries.  As we were celebrating the moving in at Hands In Action in Villa Hermosa Guatemala, Maria went to buy tortillas at a tienda.  While walking, two men attacked her and robbed her.  She sustained only slight injuries (praise the Lord).  They robbed her of her telephone and our house keys. 

If you remember, over a year ago when we laid the first row of blocks at Hands in Action in Villa Hermosa, our home in Vista Hermosa was attacked by drive-by shootings.  This forced us to move 2 hours away to Poptune until Casa Hands In Action was finished.  The Devil does not want us to begin a new work in a new community.

Even though we do not enjoy persecution, as this devotional and the Word of God confirms, when God is about to do a great move, the devil attacks.  So we rejoice in that we are believing we are going to see some great moves of God this year in Villa Hermosa.  If we posed no threat to the kingdom of darkness, the devil would not have been attacking every move we make in the community.  So join us as a partner to reap a harvest in the very poor community of Villa Hermosa.  We still need ten more partners at $25 or more a month to make this happen.  Please bless the people of Villa Hermosa.

So please do not ignore this message, we need your help to transform another community for Jesus Christ.  We also need at least $1000 to get everything set up.  Please go to our donation page and make your best donation as God leads you.

Written by Dennis Stauffer

Edited by Gary Green (Omega House)



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